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Workshop Descriptions
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Wednesday, September 20

10:30 am – 11:45 am

Ambassador 1 - Michael Amaro, Lary Zucker, Stacey Jackson

Don't Get Bounced For the Lack of a Paper Trail and Proper Documentation

The session will help you improve your risk management tools, and enhance the culture of safety in your trampoline facility. Learn what documents are required of manufacturers under the ASTM Standards, and what records operations should keep, including inspections, repairs, training, operations, signage,  things recommended by the product manufacturers, and more.  Learn how good documentation can minimize your risks, reduce your claims, and potentially  result in lower insurance rates.

Ambassador 2 – Frank Price, President – FL Price

The solution evolution - Profitable Birthday/Group Programing Beyond the 1st Year

Everyone hits a homerun the first year and a half of opening a new trampoline business.  But long-term profitable commercial birthday programs are constantly changing, evolving and refreshing as fast as the family market requires.  Commoditized programs, short-term success, staleness, fear of change and copying what others are doing will limit your growth and eventually your demise.

Why do some party programs boom, grow every year, while others are stuck in the same place they started or worse drop off the edge?  We’ll take a fresh look, from a historical overview, starting with a faulty program design, and why it peaks and then declines.  The trampoline industry challenge is to break out of the limiting beliefs and early concepts that were designed without understanding why and ended up keeping everyone, just like everyone else.  You’ll learn how to become unique, by eliminating frustrations at the root cause, adding more than great service in your party room and finding new markets by adding different party concepts and group/adult events that go beyond the expected entertainment, food and beverage.  See how simple and inexpensive it really is to become an industry innovator and increase value, satisfaction and long-term profit.

Ambassador 5&6 – Hot Topics Roundtable Discussion – Facilitators: Dave Schaeffer, House of Air & Sue Wilson, Rockin’ Jump

Join this fast moving interactive session where you will have the opportunity to share ideas and network with other park owner and operators. Learn best practices from one another on some of the industry's hottest topics!  

1:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Ambassador 1 - Cash Control Operations: You Know How to Make Money, What About Keeping it? Presenter: Sherry Howell, CenterEdge Software


From the experience of long time operators in the fun business, there are so many cash loss incidents that could have been avoided. This session will give a few simple practices that are often overlooked but can add up to loss of revenue, trust and ultimately reduced morale, in a cyclical loop.  It’s time to review your processes to see if your park is vulnerable to theft.


Key takeaways:


1.      The Why and What of Theft

2.      Accountability and Access to Cash

3.      Threats You May Face


Includes a free Cash Handling Guide Download available.



Ambassador 2 – Special Areas and Trampolines & More... – Presenters: Suzy Wolfe Jewell, Bob Ito, Dian Nissan & Mike Jacki, TAAG

As the Indoor Trampoline Park culture continues to develop and mature, it is logical that the demand to provide more unique and challenging venues will evolve with it.  It is important to explore and learn what belongs in or around trampolines. It is necessary to learn key safety considerations and understand the type of elements and rules that will be involved. We will discuss design considerations, special supervision, access and programing in these areas. 

• Ninja Obstacle Courses
• Parkour
• Performance Areas
• Kid’s Zones
• Trampoline Fitness

Ambassador 3 – Driving Guest Loyalty Through the Guest Experience – Presenter: Josh Liebman

Every attraction strives to provide excellent guest service.  Repeat visitation, guest loyalty, and word of mouth are directly correlated to the service received with your staff.  You may be placing emphasis on ensuring that guests have an enjoyable experience onsite, although the “pre-arrival” and “post-visit” components part of the “guest experience cycle” are more difficult to manage.  When the entire guest experience cycle is managed correctly, it results in exceeding more guests’ expectations, and seamlessly transitioning each guest into a loyal ambassador.  This session highlights each component of the guest experience so that you can identify any gaps in your current system and create a smoother flow from first time visitor to lifelong advocate.

As a result of participating, individuals will:

  • Reflect on how guests first perceive their upcoming experience prior to their first visit, and identify whether the expectation is high enough without exceeding the actual experience
  • Gain further insight into how to meet and exceed guests’ expectations to ensure a satisfactory experience
  • Take away multiple ideas and action items for how to recover from service failures, capitalize on repurchase intentions, and initiate guest loyalty that will expand exponentially and organically

 Learning Points & Objectives:

        Understand the guest’s expectation

o   Win the destination selection process

o   Avoid “over-promise and under-deliver”

        Meet the guest’s expectation

o   Focus on meeting expectation before exceeding it

o   Keep promises made

        Exceed the guest’s expectation

o   Anticipate guests’ needs

o   Provide “wow moments”

        Act on the experience

o   Seek feedback

o   Influence positive word of mouth

o   Plant the seed for the next visit

o   Initiate the loyalty “snowball”

Thursday, September 21

10:00 am – 10:55 am

Ambassador 1 – Human Resources 101 - Top 10 HR Answers Every Boss Should Know - Presenter: Barbara Flynn

Answers Every Boss Should Know


If you have ever asked any of these questions, you need this session! 


1.What do I do on their first day of work?


2. Do you really need an employee handbook?


3.  Do I have to pay them overtime?


4.  Can I "1099" them?


5.  Can I dock their pay?


6.  Am I required to provide breaks?


7.  Am I required to pay for time taken off?


8.  If I pay too much overtime, can I pay them a salary?


9.  Can I hire a minor?


10. Can I Send them home if there's no business? 



Ambassador 2 – Marketing and Selling Inside Your 4 Walls – Presenter: Beth Standlee, TrainerTainment


How does your team member market and sell or unsell your center?  Why does it matter?  Learn the 5 ways that you can sell more today inside your center.  Understand that marketing happens with or without your input.  If you don't believe look at your yelp reviews and pay close attention to what others are saying about you on Facebook. 


Ambassador 3 – Financial Success in Concessions - Presenter: Ken Handler, President - GMAP


This seminar will emphasize the basic needs to operate a food and beverage (f/b) operation within the captive market setting successfully.  Concessions revenues deserve close attention just for the profit potential they represent; setting up the foundation and a framework of systems and procedures for management to follow can maximize that potential.  

11:00 am – 11:55 am

Ambassador 1 – Court Monitors: Training the Staff Trainer– Presenter: Shoshanna Moody, House of Air

Learn what it takes to develop a comprehensive Court Monitor training program. Consistency and standardized procedures are key to effective employee on-boarding and long-term staff cohesion. If you are a complete newbie to trampoline park staff training, or even if have already developed a comprehensive staff training program, and would just like to learn tips from other industry players, this is the workshop for you. This workshop will provide high-level guidance on how to develop and implement a successful Court Monitor Training Program. You will walk away with the tools you need to independently build and execute on training protocols that work for your park's brand and company culture.

Ambassador 2 – Merchandising! Insights on How to Effectively Merchandise – Presenter: Samurai Promotions

Why customers buy - Smart retail: Great Ideas and strategies from some of the most successful retailers in the world. Learn how to increase retail sales with visual merchandise displays, along with some no fail techniques.

Also to be covered in this session:

The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences

The Change in Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World

Ambassador 3 – Data-Driven Party Booking: How to Turn Data into Actionable Insights That Book More Parties – Presenter: Yosuke Carter, Party Center Software

The digital age has introduced tremendous complexities and challenges for businesses. The good news is that we have access to enormous amounts of data about our customers. In this session, you will learn how to find the right data and use it to optimize monthly party bookings that generate predictable revenue for your trampoline park. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of a framework that can grow and scale your business. This topic is relevant for owner/operators, staff members responsible for marketing and/or booking events. A basic knowledge and access to the website analytics is suggested, but not required.

1:00 pm – 1:55 pm

Ambassador 1 – Manufacturing 101 – What to Ask Before you Buy – Panel Discussion - Caleb Hailey - Best American Trampolines, Edgar Tholen - Sky Zone Franchise Group, Moderator: Ed Reed, Jumpstreet

Knowing the right questions to ask before you buy is critical to the success of your trampoline park. Learn from those that have been there done that and can teach from their experiences. Manufacturing experts will be on hand to add perspective and insight. This workshop is designed to help you avoid the pitfalls by arming you with the resources you need to make the right decisions. 

Ambassador 2 – Diversification – The Future of Trampoline Parks – Panel Discussion - Panelists: Ivaylo Sotirov, CEO - Walltopia Adventure USA, Armando Lanuti, Creative Works, Matt Rehnstrom - Extreme Engineering, Moderator: Sue Wilson, Rockin' Jump

Trampoline parks are growing fast globally, answering the demand for active entertainment. But with the market becoming more and more saturated, there comes the questions - how do you expand your visitors base and, more importantly, how do you differentiate your center to attract people to come for more again and again? We see those as important challenges trampoline parks face today. People will gain insight on the future trends in the industry, and learn how to diversify existing parks and what trampoline and non-trampoline activities they can add.

Ambassador 3 – Mastering Preventive Government Relations: How to Print Your Pro-Industry Legislation on a Budget – Presenter: Wayne Pierce, The Pierce Law Firm

Sometimes, you have to change the game, or stay home.  This class will arm you with the tools and a strategy that you need to make government work for you developing pro-industry legislation or regulation, either at the local or state level.  Come and hear how to leverage the IATP … so you yourself can accomplish industry goals.

2:00 pm – 2:55 pm


Ambassador 1 – I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now – Panel Discussion - Sue Wilson, Rockin' Jump, Jerry Raymond, Sky High Sports, Curt Skallerup, Altitude, Peter Brown, Freedome Moderator: Jeff Platt, Sky Zone 

Learn from a Panel of experts from the industry, who have ‘been there – done that’ and are willing to share the best practices you need to know to be successful in the trampoline business. Join Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt, Rockin' Jump owner Sue Wilson, and other industry professionals for this informative hour.  You will get to learn from the best in the industry.  No question is too tough for this group to address.  You will get honest, genuine answers on everything from construction to completion and from marketing to operations.

You select the ‘hot topics’.  You get to ask the tough questions that address the problems you face.

  • Collect different answers to your daily challenges
  • Focus on current issues for which you need  answers
  • Find expert solutions to key roadblocks in your center 

Ambassador 2 – Set them a Challenge - How Gameification Will Attract Customers Back– Presenter: Simon Heap, Rugged Interactive

Gameification is a terrible word for a brilliant concept - make every task into a competition with tangible rewards and you can change behavior. This session will cover: Brief history of Gameification  - Current examples of outstanding practice -  How that can be applied to Trampoline Parks (and how to be rewarded) - Unexpected benefits and Future developments

Ambassador 3 – Insurance Hot Topics – Panel Discussion: Doug Flora, Haas & Wilkerson, Neil Adebowale, Independents Chartered, Shawn Iverson, The Insurance Center, Ross Conner, Hotchkiss Insurance, Steve Young, Risk Management LLC.  – Moderator: Robert Bice, i-Trampoline Hawaii

3:00 pm – 3:55 pm

Ambassador 1 – Is There a Difference? Trampoline Trends in Europe and America – Presenter: Joris Naalden, JumpXL

We have worked on projects all over the world and did branch mark research to compare the European and American market. During this presentation we will share our views about this research. We will highlight the strengths and weakness of both markets to help you to combine this to strengthen your company’s future plans.

Ambassador 2 – Operations Audit, What? Why? How – Presenter: Chris Kettman, Sky High Sports 

What is an operations audit and why is it important to you as a trampoline park operator? This session will cover the most important safety aspects of the audit as well as ways you can use your audit to garner a better understand on how your store runs. Learn how to build your own audit that you can apply to your business.


Ambassador 3 – The Anatomy of a Trampoline Lawsuit: A Perspective from a Trampoline Expert Consultant – Presenter: Dr. Marc Rabinoff

This session will take the attendees through a Trampoline Park related litigation from date of injury to Trial. We will cover the most common legal and liability arguments made by both plaintiffs and defendants. We will cover all the steps in the process including , what is "Discovery?, what are Depositions? How do you prepare for them and what your role as a defendant trampoline owner/operator are. What do you do at a "site Inspection" of your facility during the discovery process?

Real cases will be examined, but no names will be used as to the parties of the lawsuits discussed. A summary of 45 real/actual litigation's will be be discussed so attendees will know these types of litigation are on going and/or have been resolved.

Attendee Take Aways: Attendees will have a more clear understanding of how a law suit proceeds through all the different phases as perceived by a trampoline expert, not an attorney.

Attendees will learn how to interact with attorneys and keep updated during the entire discovery and testifying process.

 Attendees will learn important terms and activities they will be required to do during the lawsuit and how to best prepare for them. Do's and Don't's will be discussed based on 45 actual cases reviewed by this expert over the past few years and recurring in on going litigation's across the country and outside the USA.

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