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Workshop Descriptions
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Breakout Sessions


Monday 21 May

10:15 – 11:10

Sales to Safety: Training for Success - Simon Wilkinson, CEO - Absorb

This session is an in-depth look at training systems and their impact on increased sales, higher safety standards and how you as a trampoline park operator can run a park more effectively.

111 World Leisure Trends - Hans van Leeuwen, Trendwatcher & Advisor in Leisure - Pleisureworld

Learn about the latest trends in the leisure industry from one of the Netherlands leading trend watching experts. Find out what's on the horizon in the industry!

Hungry Guests Increase Your Bottom Line - Maximizing Your Concessions - Michael Reid - Polar Krush

What do guests want after they've burnt tons of calories of jumping? To eat! Hungry guests will increase your bottom line. This session will be a passing on of best practise on how to increase your revenues per guest!


11:15 - 12:10


Next Level Trampoline Park Design "The Art of Destination Making" - Mark van Rooij, Owner & Concept Developer, Kinetic Creative


This session covers the art of concept development and creative development playgrounds and play throughs and applies it to trampoline parks, transforming ordinary places into unique destinations.


Foam Pits - Emphasis on Design and Alternatives Panel Discussion - Moderator: Ed Reed, VP of Construction - JumpStreet - Panelists: Nick Booth, Continental Sports, Hannes Rassinger, BagJump, Eljoh Sneep, Trampoline Park Safety


Foam pits have been the topic of many news stories that have impacted our industry.  This panel discussion will address proper construction, design and operation of a foam pit. Foam pit alternatives will also be discussed and will provide an overview of what every operator needs to know about both.


Taking Your Digital Marketing to New Heights - Stephanie Ruby, Director of Marketing - IATP


Wondering why your social media posts aren't getting the hits you think they should be getting? This session will cover tips and tricks and updates on how to best distribute and leverage your social media presence. We’ll talk about how best to beat the algorithms and boost your posts.


12:15 - 14:00


Lunch and trade show



14:00 - 14:55

Franchise or Go It Alone: Insider Perspective - Moderator: Dave Schaeffer  Panelists: Christoffer Thorsheim - CEO, Freedome Norway & Iceland, Michael Harrison - Co-Founder, Gravity, Phillip Howell - CEO, Best American Trampolines 


Wondering if you should franchise or perhaps just go it alone? This workshop will go over the pros and cons of the franchise model versus self-started trampoline-park from the perspective of franchisors, stand alone parks and manufacturers. 


Effective Crisis Management and Crisis Communication- Tom Compaijen


In this 1-hour interactive workshop Tom Compaijen will discuss basic guidelines for effective crisis preparation and response.  We will highlight some important topics of crisis:


  • What is a crisis 
  • How to recognize a crisis
  • How to identify key stakeholders for crisis management
  • How to prepare your own organization for a crisis
  • Information management and decision making in times of crisis
  • Do's and don'ts in crisis communication
  • Case examples of good and bad crisis communication
  • Social media and crisis
  • Lesson from a recent case in the recreation industry: Ohio State Fair


At the end of the session, all participants will receive a business card sized cheat sheet with the 7 most important lessons for good crisis communication



15:00 - 15:55


Adding Attractions and Enhancing the Guest Experience! Moderator: Sue Wilson, IATP Board Member Panelists:  Arch Adams, CEO - Fun Spot Trampolines, Chris Elson, Director, Diverse Interactive, Veneta Yanyova, Walltopia 

Wondering about new ways to add or enhance to your guests experiences at your park? This is the session for you! Join industry leaders as they provide insight on the latest and greatest attractions to add to your park. Ask questions on what works and what doesn't. Learn how to standout among competitors and offer a unique experience that will keep guests coming through the doors!

The 5 Key Elements of Great Trampoline Park Design - Simon Heap & Harry Stevens

Drawing on in-depth experience of working with multiple trampoline parks all over the world the following will be examined: 1. What are the critical factors that determine a park's popularity? 2.  Which design features are the most popular for which age groups? 3. Which features do parks frequently regret installing? 4.  What characteristics help a park build an exceptionally loyal customer base? 5. How does the best design achieve the triple-whammy' of "attract more customers, engage better on social media, and persuade customers to come back regularly?

This session is aimed at operators considering the design of a new park or upgrading an existing one, or those looking for inspiration on effective use of social media to generate awareness about their park. No expertise is required from the audience, and no "geek-speak" will be spoken!

Motivating Without Money - Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO SherylGolf

Find out how motivating staff can boost your bottom line. Tips for inexpensive contests that get everyone selling! Discover how to motivate staff to peak performance. Learn how even the smallest facilities can motivate a small staff.

16:00 - 16:55

European Committee Meeting - Peter Brown, Chair - IATP EU Committee, Bethany Evans, Executive VP - IATP, Kate Lodge, Director of UK & EU Development - IATP

If you are a trampoline park owner or operator in Europe you will want to be a part of this meeting! Get an update on which countries are already moving forward with regional sub-committees and how you can be a part of defining and shaping your industry.


Tuesday 22 May

9:00 - 9:55

Risk and Reward: Overcoming Challenges in Risk Management and Insurance for Operators: Neil Adebowale, Independents Chartered Insurance

Have questions or concerns regarding insurance and risk management? This session is directed to operators either jumping into the business are looking to garner a better understanding of trampoline park insurance globally.

  • Global overview of accidents and personal injury claims
  • Challenges experienced in other Insurance Markets (Ireland, USA and Australia) and how we can avoid these issues in Europe
  • Importance of Sustainability
  • Factors affecting premiums and availability of cover
  • Key Considerations in selecting cover and provider


Profit and Performance Boosting Ideas for Your Trampoline Park: Helen Findon, Marketing & Communications Officer - TP1 Powered by Control Group & Matthew Cummings, Business Development Manger - TP1 Powered by Control Group

With the trampoline park industry booming and competition fierce, come and learn how to take an innovative approach to CCTV, security, IT and entertainment and focus on complete systems integration. Discover how to spend less time managing suppliers and worrying about your day to day operations and more time focusing on your customers. You’ll hear insight on a range of technologies including using CCTV for staff management and training, remote monitoring, heat mapping, people counting and more. Plus, you’ll learn how to enhance customer experience through RFID technology, queue management and digital signage. We’ll also update you on best practise for CCTV in trampoline parks to ensure your park stays safe and protected. This session is ideally suited to trampoline park operators, MDs, operations directors and FDs.


Getting More from Your Customer Data: Brandon Wiley, CEO - FetchRev 

Learn how to significantly increase customer retention by leveraging the opportunity to collect your customers data and then targeting them with direct response impulse marketing. Discover the type of data that you should be collecting, how you can collect this valuable information and the many ways to incentivize a customer to give you their data.  Learn how to leverage this data to provide value to your customers and ultimately drive them back in your doors over and over.


10:00 - 10:55

Inspections - What, Why and How? - Andrew Gore, Technical Director - Specialist Technical Services

A presentation detailing the importance of annual inspections of trampoline parks. This workshop will outline "what" trampoline park inspections are for and the reasoning behind the inspections. "Why" the inspections are critical to reduce risk of accident, increase productivity and operations in parks. "How" to prepare for an maintain standards for inspections

Security video storage risks - What You Need to Avoid as a Trampoline Park Owner: Alastair McLeod, Veracity

Trampoline park owners are acutely aware that legislation, insurers and the public are fuelling the need for security video evidence and retention over longer periods. In some cases, years!

In this talk you will discover why common approaches are inadequate and do not shield from the risk of litigation, what risks they pose and what is truly required to protect the owner. You will learn why the storage of video data for evidence requires a completely different approach than the storage of IT data. You will understand why storage approaches such as USB sticks or common RAID systems introduce higher than necessary risk of disk failure and a higher total cost of ownership. You will also learn how a new approach to addressing these common failings is transforming the long-term retention of security video.

Backed by use case examples this presentation will arm you with unique insight you need to ensure that you can make an informed choice about how you store security video. Too many owners are finding that they do not have the evidence they need when required. For example, can you guarantee that you have 3 years of security video evidence at your fingertips?

7 Steps to Building the Ultimate  Marketing Plan - Sheryl Bindelglass, CEO - SherylGolf

Learn what marketing is getting the best results and jump start your marketing plan during this session and identify the keys to a successful marketing plan!


11:00 - 11:55

Insights to European Standardization: Joost Witsenburg, NEN

Wondering what the standardization process for trampoline parks in the EU is?  This workshop will provide an overview of the standardization process focusing on the Dutch and European standardization process, how they are running parallel and what the projected standardization path throughout Europe will look like.

Peer to Peer Panel: Past, Present and Future of the industry: Moderator: Sheryl Bindelglass Panelists: Darren Hedges, AirHop, Peter Brown, Freedome, Joris Naalden, Jump XL Trampoline Parks 

Here's your chance to ask the questions you've always wanted answers to. Join us for this interactive Q&A session covering everything from what would you have done differently, to where do you see the industry in 5 years. You ask the questions of industry leaders!

Going for Gold! Make Padding Important and Achieve Olympic Qualification Safety Standard in Your Trampoline Park....Presented by: Sidijk - Klaas Siderius, Director & Co-Owner, Sidijk and Jeroen Otter, Coach of the Netherlands Short Track Team


The padding in a trampoline park are really an essential part of the park, but they don’t only have an aesthetic function, it’s much more than that. It’s really an essential part for trampoline parks. Of course it needs to protect the springs, but the padding surrounding a high performance area needs different qualifications than a padding surrounding a regular trampoline. Besides that it also needs to be a safe passage way in case of emergencies. At Sidijk we have a lot of experience with padding . Since years we are a partner of different ice skating arenas that need to have safe padding systems around their arena. There are a lot of gold medal winners that train on ice skating arenas surrounded by our padding systems. For example our own national Dutch short track team. During the last Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang we’ve seen the amazing results of this. These skaters really can’t be afraid to fall and crash in the padding. They have to trust they will be safe. With all the experience we have, we give you a different perspective on how the padding in a trampoline park should function.


12:00 - 15:00

Lunch and Trade Show


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