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Court Monitor Training Level 1 - Now Available!

  • Aimed at new or existing court monitors
  • Online training course
  • Designed to complement, not replace on-site training
  • Full course takes approx. 4 hours learning to complete
  • Fully flexible for the learner
  • Immediate certification on completion

Includes Modules On

The background of trampoline parks


Understanding risk, roles, and responsibilities


The participant journey


Being a court monitor


How to handle non-compliance

Closing the park


Designed by operators and educational experts


Provides a baseline introduction to Court Monitoring for staff


Offers consistency across training


Promotes greater understanding of the trampoline park industry and the employee’s workplace

Better trained, more engaged staff


If you are interested in having your team members take their experience to the next level please contact Kate Lodge at


European Standard - Information & Update


In Q1 2018 the German standards agency (DIN) put forward to the Committee European Norms (CEN) that work should be undertaken to write an EN standard for the construction and operation of trampoline parks. A ballot was taken by member states and it was agreed that the standard should be written. The timeline for this is 3 years or the committee will be disbanded with no standard.


As is normal when many countries come together to write a standard an application was made at a similar time to ISO for the EN to be adopted as a full ISO and become an EN ISO. The  Vienna Agreement, signed in 1991, was drawn up with the aim of preventing duplication of effort and reducing time when preparing standards. As a result, new standards projects are jointly planned between CEN and ISO. Wherever appropriate priority is given to cooperation with ISO provided that international standards meet European legislative and market requirements and that non-European global players also implement these standards.


The Vienna Agreement allows expertise to be focused and used in an efficient way to the benefit of international standardization. It is completed by jointly developed  Guidelines supporting the practical implementation of the Vienna Agreement. Member states of the ISO can be found here

A ballot of member states was completed on the 15th of October and it was agreed that the writing of an EN ISO would continue with further experts from some ISO members states joining the committee.


Each member state has the right to form an expert panel under the country standards agency and appropriate committee (usually playground equipment). They can provide representation of the interests of that country on the EN trampoline park committee. Organisations with a special interest can also apply to become liaison organisations and the IATP is a liaison organisation for this project as part of the ongoing work to raise standards and serve our membership by promoting optimally safe operations, facilitating commercial success and stimulating growth of the trampoline park industry. 


The countries/organisations currently registered on the expert panel are:


Germany (they hold the secretariat chair the meetings and have control of the process)

United Kingdom


The Netherlands









France, The Netherlands and the UK put forward documents for consideration in writing the new standard. As the only published specification BSI PAS 5000:2017 has been accepted as the base document for the new EN ISO, using the other documents as reference and comparison. 


The first EN meeting was held in Berlin on the 11th and 12th of October with representation from Germany, France, UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Finland and the drafting process has begun. An initial scope was outlined, and some definitions were agreed. The committee looked at the design specification as well as an initial look at operational requirements, and the next meeting will take place in early 2019 in Berlin.


Members looking to become Involved should first contact their national standards agency and ask to be involved in committee CEN/TC 136/WG 17 Working group Trampoline parks - we would encourage all operators to contact their national standards agency and ensure their input is considered. This is an important development in safety standards in the Global Trampoline Park Industry and it is essential that the industry has input into the process. 


For more information:







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